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Broadsword Student Advantage is a consultation service, offering you an affordable way to make your federal student loan debt more flexible and easy to manage. We are dedicated to our clients, and we ensure that those clients maximize the benefits and savings opportunities available through federal student debt relief programs. In an effort to encourage public sector employment and help borrowers cope with the rising cost of post-secondary education, the government developed various student debt relief programs. If they are utilized appropriately, they can help recent graduates significantly reduce the cost of their student debt. We have a diversified set of employees who are professional, experienced, highly trained and courteous. No company can rival the success we have with our clients. Call us today to find how you can benefit from using our services.

James Talbert Serves As A Financial Analyst At Affordable Life Plans, LLC

James Talbert is a Financial Analyst at Affordable Life Plans, LLC, a trusted financial advising firm in Texas, that has become the premier choice of Middle Class America within a short span of time. While serving this important role in the firm, he provides financial analysis for reoccurring payment plans. In addition to this, he also assesses financial aspects of operations and marketing to ensure effective strategic business decisions. Being a dedicated professional, James performs all his job responsibilities with utmost dedication and sincerity. Apart from his allegiance, it is his in-depth knowledge of startup business and data analytics that helps him perform his responsibilities more proficiently.

Although James Talbert has a hectic schedule at Affordable Life Plans, LLC, his hobbies do not take a back seat to work. He is a man who believes in living life to the fullest and ensures to devote enough time to the activities he enjoys. Some of his interests that take up most of his free time are studying law, practicing martial arts, and spending time with his family. He has even received a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and Combat Hapkido.

James Talbert, before working at Affordable Life Plans, LLC, was associated with many other reputed companies in the United States. In these companies too, he worked diligently and proved his competency. In school and college as well, he was always appreciated for his excellent performance. To build a career in the banking and financial industry, he enrolled in a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) program in Finance from the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business, after completing his secondary education. He was an International Honor Society member of Phi Theta Kappa.